Esquire Electrical
Esquiring great staff

Tristan Philip completed an etco apprenticeship himself, he has already hosted an apprentice through to qualifying and employed him, and now his business is hosting two further apprentices.

“I like the fact that Etco takes care of all the off job training and pay systems for you and I just have to pay one bill every week,” says Tristan, who owns Esquire Electrical Ltd, based in New Lynn, working with domestic commercial customers.

“The support is good as well. Greg calls me regularly to see how the boys are doing and he catches up with them often to make sure they are happy in their enviroment and doing their off job training correctly to get to being qualified well.”

Tristan’s route to an electrical apprenticeship, which he completed 12 years ago, began with a suggestion from his mother.

“I left school half-way through seventh form and my mother saw an etco vehicle and suggested that - and it was a very good decision because I enjoyed learning technology and how electricity worked in many different enviroments,” he says. “I really enjoyed it and it gave a good breadth of experience. I was offered a job by my second host and stayed with his business for over eight years.”

Tristan began hosting Etco apprentice Jordan Fuimaono about two years after starting Esquire Electrical Ltd, as the business grew busier.

“Jordan fitted the role really well and was with me throughout his apprenticeship and then I employed him when he qualified. Now we have two Etco apprentices, Chaz Wilcox and Darren Holliday – one working with each of us and that’s going well too. Having an Etco apprentice is a really good way to grow your team, continue to bring quality into the industry and be surrounded by like-minded and working team members.”