Finding the best apprentices is easier than you think

Make the right decision for your business. Let the Electrical Training Company manage your apprentice needs.

  • We’ll provide you with quality recruits already screened for academic ability, aptitude and a can-do attitude
  • Our apprentices consistently achieve industry-leading results in exams and competitions
  • You won’t have to worry about all the usual employment-related and training issues because Etco takes care of them
  • You don’t need to make a full-time commitment for the duration of the apprenticeship, which gives you flexibility and reduced risk
  • You’ll typically save thousands of dollars over the course of their training
  • We can help your business in practical ways, during busy periods or for larger projects.You don’t need to make a full time commitment for the duration of the apprenticeship, which means there is a lot of flexibility and no risk

About us

The Electrical Training Company, or Etco as you probably know us, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Master Electricians, We are New Zealand’s leading provider of electrical apprenticeships and ongoing industry training for tradespeople.

For more than 25 years we’ve trained thousands of apprentices, giving our host companies access to quality talent without all the usual potential hassles associated with managing an apprentice through their training. It’s not unusual for the owners of host companies to have once been our apprentices too.

Hosting an Etco apprentice will save you money and administration time.  Not only do you have an extra pair of hands, with the potential of a fully trained employee at the end of their training, you’re playing your part in growing the sector’s talent pool. And should your circumstances changes or our apprentice not meet your expectations, we’ll relocate them. Quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

How the programme works

When you choose an Etco apprentice, their employment and training will be fully managed by us. We take responsibility for all employment related issues and administrative tasks so you can get on with running and growing your business.

Our carefully selected apprentices undergo a 12-day induction course at our own training facility to ensure they have the statutory safety knowledge, hand-tool skills and basic theory, such as EWP and working with heights. We then place them with host companies for on-the-job experience while managing their ongoing training and mentoring.  You only pay for actual time the apprentice spends at work.  Time away for block training courses, sickness and leave is covered by Etco. 

Apprentices get the support they need

Coordinators: Our coordinators are registered electricians. They’re there to provide pastoral and technical support to apprentices, acting as a coach, mentor, guide and sometimes disciplinarian! They maintain regular contact with the apprentice, with at least four formal appraisals each year, as well as site visits, phone calls, emails and texts.

Tutors: Our tutors are also electricians who have a passion for wanting trainees to get on top of the theoretical aspects of their apprenticeship. They link the theory to the practical experiences gained in the on-job environment you provide.


Opening doors to new opportunities

“I have enjoyed so many of the opportunites that Etco has presented to me. I have been placed with some great Host Companies that have allowed me to gain a great knowledge of the industry.

The greatest opportunity I had was getting placed with a company within my first year that allowed me to travel overseas. I went to the United States of America to help install a project. My time in the States lasted about eight weeks where I learnt a lot and I will always remember it as one of the best things I have ever done. Etco has opened so many doors for me, I would highly recommend them as great option for getting into the electrical industry.”

Matthew Yeo
On track and going to plan

Etco apprentice Morgan Deed works for Host Company Advanced Electrical. Craig Bennett, Morgan’s supervisor, is a senior NZ Registered Electrician, working in the field of Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Installations. Morgan says he’s lucky to be taught by Craig whom he describes as, “a great guy, someone that I aspire to be like; he’s a good teacher and very patient!” This is Morgan’s second ‘major’ workplace. Before this he helped Craig install a new 3-phase main switchboard for a major client. That job took nearly 6 weeks. “I was proud of that job and it was great to see the finished product working exactly as it should, knowing I had played a part in completing the job, on time and to a very high standard.” Morgan commented that not only has his hand-tool skills improved beyond imagination but he has also learned a lot from Craig about clear and effective communication with clients. Morgan is managed by his coordinator, Gordon Whitelaw, who recently completed his appraisal, “Gordon was pretty happy with me. My work-learning and night school studies are on-track and going to plan”.

Morgan Deed