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Frequently Asked Questions

Apprentice FAQs

If you are an Etco apprentice, we will organise a training agreement for you with Skills Organisation who are the Industry Training Organisation responsible for electrical training.

If you are employed by another employer, your employer will need to contact and sign into a training agreement with Skills Org, and request Etco as the training provider.

You are unable to study with Etco unless you are signed into a training agreement.  Skills will notify us and once we have received notification, we will send you an email confirming your enrolment with Etco and outline your study programme, times, dates, and location.

If you want to change to Etco as your training provider you will need to contact your account manager.

Currently all course fees are free.

Yes you can, just tell your employer or ITO account manager you want to switch to Etco – or tell us – and you will be switched over. We’ll then contact you with details.

If you have the required NCEA credits from school, you do not need to do a pre-trade course, and you may save yourself time and money by avoiding one. If you don’t have the required NCEA credits, speak to us to discuss entry to our Level 3 Foundation Programme , an excellent pathway into the electrical industry for those who can’t go straight into an apprenticeship.   

While there are some exceptions, Etco does not employ graduates from pre-trade courses from other providers. There are several reasons for this, including that the Etco Level 3 course is specifically enhanced to support graduates moving into the Etco apprenticeship model. Also, Etco’s philosophy is that the NZCEE (L4) apprenticeship qualification is designed for apprentices to progress their academic training at the same rate as they acquire practical skills in the workplace. Pre-Trade courses cover all the first and second year off-job academic units before having any work experience – and as such are primarily theoretical rather than linking the growth of theoretical knowledge with practical experience as anticipated by the qualification design.

There may be some circumstances when we do accept pre-trade course graduates from other providers, but we may require you to repeat some parts of the course (at no cost to you).

We would like to stress that, just because the pre-trade courses do not match etco’s delivery model, it does not mean they are not valuable. Pre-trade courses can be valuable in filling the gap for students who have achieved the required Level 1 subjects but not Level 2. Etco is very happy to support pre-trade graduates from any education provider in finding an electrical apprenticeship.


Absolutely! Please click on the 'Apply Now' button on any of our apprenticeship pages and complete the online enrolment form today. 

 This depends on the workloads or the projects of the host company you are placed with. Overtime rates will be discussed with you at the time of the placement. 

On the completion of each 12 months working, providing you are progressing satisfactorily through your apprenticeship. Pay increases are in recognition of the increasing value you provide your host company as you progress through your apprenticeship.

Your dedicated Etco Apprentice Mentor and our placement team will find another host company for you – this will also ensure you can continue your apprenticeship and gain the full range of domestic, commercial, and industrial experience needed. 

Yes, Etco provides a comprehensive starter toolkit with professional trade-quality tools. This ensures conformity and the quality of the tools you will be using. You can add to that as you progress.

The New Zealand registered qualification is an internationally recognised and well-regarded qualification in most places around the world. 

Etco or your host company will provide all the personal protection equipment you need – including work boots and overalls. And we’ll replace any PPE that is damaged or worn out on a fair wear-and-tear basis.

Yes! We encourage all our apprentices to enter the annual Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge. This enables you to test your skills and knowledge against your electrical peers in friendly competition.

There is also the Etco Apprentice of the Year event, with nominations coming from the Apprenticeship Coordinators. The criteria is based on your achievements throughout the year; on-job, off job, host feedback and exams results all being considered. 

Graduations are also held at the end of every quarter to celebrate our apprentices’ success on completion of their 45-month apprenticeship. This will be held on a regional basis where applicable.

There are no fees to pay during your Etco apprenticeship – because we pay them for you. If you are enrolling for our Level 3 foundation course, you may be eligible for fees free. If not, then you can apply for a student loan.

Yes, we require all our apprentices to have good colour vision so we can be assured that they will be safe on the worksite.

Our Foundation course is a full-time course, that is currently Fees Free. If you are not eligible for Fees Free, you can apply for a student loan via Studylink. The rest of our courses offered are all part-time study so do not qualify for student loans. 

You won't need to buy textbooks because we have made all our NZ Certificate of Electrical Engineering course work online 

We offer the Safe Working Practices course. There is some online learning to be done before attending on our two-day inhouse course, comprised of a full day of first aid and a practical assessment. This fulfils the requirements of anyone applying for a trainee or provisional licence. 

Please contact ASPEQ to book any exams.

Hosting FAQs

Hosts take on Etco apprentices for a number of reasons depending on their circumstances. The primary reasons are that hosting reduces cost, reduces risk and reduces stress. Ask the Etco team for more information.

With seven days’ notice, the apprentice can be returned to Etco and reassigned to a new host. 

Your Apprentice Coordinator will be happy to work with you on this. Coordinators carry out quarterly reviews for all apprentices and are on hand for any questions or queries you may have at any time during your hosting of an Etco apprentice. You will also have access to Etco’s portals to monitor academic and work experience progress – and night class attendance!


This is one of the financial benefits of hosting an Etco apprentice, we pay for all the above! 


Continuing Professional Development FAQs

You will first need to contact the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). They will be registering you and issuing you with a practising licence to work. You will have to submit to them:  

  • Evidence of qualifications completed  
  • Evidence of course(s) completed  
  • Evidence of work experience including details of work done, hours served etc.  

EWRB will then be able to confirm to you, which courses you are required to complete to gain registration in New Zealand  

You must be either a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand resident to enrol on an EWRB Registration course with Etco. A copy of your passport must be provided with your enrolment.  

Click here for contact info for the EWRB.  

Once EWRB has advised you what course(s) you need to complete, click here to book online, or call our friendly Training Administrators on 0800 275 3826 for further assistance.  



Yes, courses are held regularly at our training centres nationwide.  Click here to find out more about continuing your professional development.

Etco offers a range of industry courses. Click here to find out more about continuing your professional development.

Please contact ASPEQ to book any exams.

Our minimum requirement to study with Etco is that you must have a work permit that is valid until at least the end of your course. Alternatively, if you are a New Zealand Resident or Citizen, we would just require a photocopy of your passport.