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If you would like to consider undertaking an apprenticeship with us you'll need:

  • L2 NCEA 8 credits (or more in each subject) in Maths, English and Industry related Science
  • to have a minimum of a restricted manual drivers licence and a car
  • at least New Zealand Residency
  • good colour vision.

We also accept adult applications so get in touch using the form below.

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Gain a valued qualification

Qualifying as an electrician will provide you with entry into an industry where there is a high demand for tradespeople. The sector provides job security and a range of career options and even travel, because New Zealand qualifications are recognised in most countries.

Get paid while you learn

Start earning from the outset in a trade where qualified electricians are well paid. You’ll receive a combination of practical and theoretical training and a lot of support and mentoring from Etco tutors and coordinators who are all experienced electricians.

Challenge yourself and grow

You'll encounter a wide range of jobs and situations, which keeps things interesting and stimulating. And you will encounter heaps of challenges that will extend you, from learning how to problem solve to responding to increasing on-the-job independence.

Enjoy diverse work opportunities

This is your doorway to an exciting and rewarding career in a growing industry that is now so diverse and technology-driven the opportunities and rewards are only limited by your desire and enthusiasm to succeed.


Domestic sector

Your on-the-job training will change day by day as your gain experience indoors and outdoors. You could be wiring a new sound system, retrofitting new data cabling or wiring a new home. Your work will touch every part of people’s daily lives, including lighting, television, refrigeration, music and the internet.


Commercial and industrial sectors

This part of the sector is highly diverse, covering industries such as marine, manufacturing, technology, industrial and commercial. The type of work opportunities are endless; maintaining large industrial operations, designing electrical installations, working in power stations, testing equipment for safety and more.

Coordinators and tutors

Auckland coordinators
Auckland coordinators
Fah Parker, Greg Eeles, Marc van der Voorn, Steve Mills, Wayne Shannon
Tutors Auckland
Auckland tutors
James Creswell, Koos Stapelberg, Stuart Murphy
Gary Woodward
Hamilton coordinator
Gary Woodward
Rotorua tutors
Rotorua tutor
Stephen Hayward, Steve Gardner
Etco Coordinator
Etco Coordinator
Nigel Chantler
Wellington coordinator
Wellington coordinator
David Newton
Wellington tutors
Wellington tutors
John Hutton, Paul Burn
Christchurch coordinator
Christchurch coordinator
Ken Hay, Mike Webster
Dunedin coordinator
Dunedin coordinator
Matthew Munro
Dunedin tutors
Dunedin Tutors
Steve Brook, Werner Mueller
Invercargill coordinator
Invercargill coordinator
John Whitaker


Opening doors to new opportunities

“I have enjoyed so many of the opportunites that Etco has presented to me. I have been placed with some great Host Companies that have allowed me to gain a great knowledge of the industry.

The greatest opportunity I had was getting placed with a company within my first year that allowed me to travel overseas. I went to the United States of America to help install a project. My time in the States lasted about eight weeks where I learnt a lot and I will always remember it as one of the best things I have ever done. Etco has opened so many doors for me, I would highly recommend them as great option for getting into the electrical industry.”

Matthew Yeo
On track and going to plan

Etco apprentice Morgan Deed works for Host Company Advanced Electrical. Craig Bennett, Morgan’s supervisor, is a senior NZ Registered Electrician, working in the field of Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Installations. Morgan says he’s lucky to be taught by Craig whom he describes as, “a great guy, someone that I aspire to be like; he’s a good teacher and very patient!” This is Morgan’s second ‘major’ workplace. Before this he helped Craig install a new 3-phase main switchboard for a major client. That job took nearly 6 weeks. “I was proud of that job and it was great to see the finished product working exactly as it should, knowing I had played a part in completing the job, on time and to a very high standard.” Morgan commented that not only has his hand-tool skills improved beyond imagination but he has also learned a lot from Craig about clear and effective communication with clients. Morgan is managed by his coordinator, Gordon Whitelaw, who recently completed his appraisal, “Gordon was pretty happy with me. My work-learning and night school studies are on-track and going to plan”.

Morgan Deed