About us

The Electrical Training Company, or Etco, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Master Electricians (previously ECANZ) established to provide employment and training for the electrical industry in New Zealand.

Our two main areas of activity are:

The employment and placement of electrical apprentices via our group apprenticeship scheme.
The provision of training courses for apprentices and tradespeople.

Since our establishment in 1991, our commitment to producing the best has helped thousands of Etco apprentices and students achieve outstanding results and successes in industry competitions, national examinations and the industry itself.

How we do it

Training of apprentices is a combination of on-the-job training through placements with electrical companies and contractors and off-the-job training. This involves study at home, attending our night classes and block courses at one of our four training centres.

Apprentices receive extensive instruction, supervision and support throughout all stages of their training which involves a series of assignments, assessments and examinations. And tradespeople are practically assessed, learn theory and regulations, and take competency courses.

Our stakeholders include schools, parents, electrical companies and contractors, partners, sponsors and government. Through sharing information, receiving feedback and consultation we secure the best candidates, ensure that work placements are available and deliver the highest standards of training to prepare apprentices to make a positive contribution to the industry.

Our values
Our values are the principles that we live by. They set the groundwork for how we make decisions and the way in which we behave with each other, and everyone else we have relationships with.


  • We will work to the highest standards in everything we do, measure performance, report regularly, and acknowledge success 
  • We will behave with integrity – extend trust, act conscientiously and be fair minded 
  • We will be accountable for our actions as individuals and collectively and put our hands up if something goes wrong. We’ll also hold each other to account and put things right straight away when we get it wrong 
  • We will exhibit self-respect and extend respect to all our stakeholders 

Professionalism is a test of character and staying true to our values. It is also about acting in good faith, being consistent, following through and respecting the needs of others. 


  • We’re open, share ideas and we’re upfront with each other 
  • We communicate regularly and clearly, using appropriate channels 
  • We’re committed to one purpose, put unity above individual needs and look out for each other 
  • We foster a friendly, warm and welcoming culture which is supportive and empathetic 
  • We accommodate differences and are committed to getting the best out of each other in all circumstances.

Teamwork is based on goodwill, generosity of spirit and inclusiveness. It’s built on trust, respect and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and in the loop. 


  • We have endless reserves of energy, enthusiasm and endurance 
  • When things get tough we are strong willed and tenacious 
  • We are positive and optimistic and always look for the best in situations
  • We are resourceful, enterprising and ambitious
  • We have a strong belief in our capability which means we are decisive and confident. 

Passion means being excited about our purpose in life. We view things positively, embrace challenges and always look on the bright side.